Gresham House Strategic Public Equity LP

A fund of strategic public equity

Gresham House Strategic Public Equity LP fund is a Guernsey Limited Partnership, with a 5 year life (3 year investment period). The fund targets investment returns of 15%. net IRR (1.5x – 2.0x money multiple) through applying disciplined private equity techniques to smaller public companies investing in the UK.

Investment Approach

An engaged, active strategy of acquiring influential equity stakes in a concentrated portfolio of investments, predominantly in UK smaller quoted companies. The fund expects to make 10 – 15 investments.

  • Targeting companies that can create value from strategic, operational or management initiatives.
  • Provision of growth or development capital alongside the execution of a clearly defined shareholder equity value creation plan / strategy.
  • Philosophy of significant, staged and collaborative corporate engagement alongside management teams to add value and enhance returns.
  • Smaller company focus to exploit the significant market inefficiencies that exist in this area of public markets.

Investment Process

The strategic public equity investment strategy targets superior long-term investment returns by applying a private equity approach and techniques to investing in quoted companies. Strategic Public Equity is based on an approach which significantly reduces company specific risk within a focused portfolio by adopting a value investment philosophy and private equity-style techniques and due diligence. This includes an investment committee that draws on the expertise of a distinguished and experienced advisory group with industrial and private equity backgrounds.

We seek to provide growth and acquisition capital alongside significant block stake investments primarily in smaller public companies.

The private equity techniques applied to investing in public companies ensure a rigorous and deep understanding of each investment. This sits alongside an approach of considerably higher levels of engagement with stakeholders (management, shareholders, advisers, customers, competitors) and influence in support of a clear equity value creation plan which results in a de-risking of the investment. This approach invests with a 3-5 year horizon and whilst short-term volatility exists, the risk to permanent capital should be reduced due to several factors:

  • Investment philosophy (value-bias)
  • Private equity style, diligence process
  • Significant and constructive engagement with management and influence
  • A clear equity value creation plan and identified catalysts.


Qualitative assessment matrix

The Investment Team applies a qualitative assessment matrix (quality-score) to all investment opportunities looking at:

  • Market characteristics and dynamics
  • Positioning within the market, ability to grow and the quality of those prospects, pricing power, client/customer quality, extent of differentiation and competitive advantage
  • The strength, quality, experience and alignment of management
  • Financials, focusing on issues such as customer concentration, sustainability of margins, capital intensity and cashflow characteristics, stability and predictability
  • M&A dynamics and attractiveness of the company to larger trade buyers and private equity
  • Our ability to acquire a stake and assist in value creation and enhancements.


Please note that any returns are not guaranteed and capital is at risk. Please refer to the risk section for further information.

*This is a target only and not a profit forecast. There can be no assurance that this target will be met or that the Fund will make any distributions at all. This target return should not be taken as an indication of the Fund’s expected or actual future results. Potential investors should decide for themselves whether or not the return is reasonable and achievable in deciding whether to invest in the Fund. See further under section 15 of this document headed “Risk Factors”.

How to Invest

Gresham House Strategic Public Equity LP is no longer open to new investment.

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To understand the ways in which you can invest in the Strategic Public Equity strategy, please contact one of our investment team members below or get in contact with us using the form at the bottom of this web page.

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